The Bar – as a part of the judiciary – is an autonomous and independent service, regulated by law (Article 137 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia).

The Bar is an honorable profession rooted in the Antique and it has preserved its good reputation to the present day. Throughout the centuries, the good reputation of lawyers as legal experts has been growing, but the development and the way of living have led to the situation that the Bar has become a must. The Bar as a part of the judiciary has been autonomous and independent, practiced by lawyers as legal experts. The principle of lawyers’ independence exists since 1868. Lawyers are legal experts, performing their free-lance activities autonomously and independently, with due responsibility to their clients.


Meeting of the Bars from Central and Eastern Europe, Kranjska Gora, 2 – 3 October 2019 Programme Photos Presentations – Payment of lawyer’s services BRAK …

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